Sorry, my skin is acting up :(

Judging by the stats I can see on the back end of this blog, I am slowly losing readers by the day. I don't blame you as I haven't been as committed to updating as I used to be. I want to apologize but I also want to explain why. My skin is acting up right now so I am not exactly up for getting my photo taken for my Look of the Day segment. Anyway, enough of that... I will be going to my doctor to get a prescription to take care of this little break out I am having so I promise that as soon as I am back to my normal self, so will the state of this blog.

In the meantime, I thought I would share my skin care line-up that I use everyday. I know I am not exactly the spokesperson for this topic (though I am blaming it on the stress and not my skin care regimen) but I know we all have our routine and beloved products. I've been pretty committed and loyal to 3 of the products above (St. Ive's Apricot Scrub, Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for Oily Skin and Eskinol toner) and have recently switched over to skoah's moisturizer with SPF as I found AVEDA's to be too thick, oily and rich - feels like I'm wearing a mask when combined with foundation, powder and brush. It's been more than 24 hours and my skin hasn't broken out in rashes from the skoah products used during my facial so I am assuming I'm not allergic. So far, it has also felt weightless and doesn't quickly sting my eyes like other lotions with SPF. I don't want to speak too soon though so stay on top of my tweets in case my face looks like I've had third degree burns later this week.

Well that's all for now. This is so weird that I am only doing entries that don't involve posting pictures of my face (like I just had a facelift or something). Then again, embracing my creativity and posting about topics other than my Look of the Day or StreetStyle photos, may be somewhat fun. We'll see! 

Not exactly feeling like Ms. Look-at-me-look-at-me,


TBF LOOK OF THE DAY: Outfits entered into Coquitlam Centre's STYLISTA Contest

 We don't have to color-block all the time. Sometimes, all we need is one pop of color. Today, I chose to keep all my accessories neutral (and retro with the floppy wool hat and velvet platforms) and liven up my outfit with a hot pink skirt from ZARA.

 I always find that orange tends to look too Halloween-ish when paired with black so I chose to wear my orange skirt with a leopard print to at least add a little bit of beige/taupe to the mix. When wearing pencil skirts, I like to match them up with pointy toe heels to elongate the legs and add a bit of sexiness without showing too much. When there is this much flash, I absolutely have to add a patent leather bag and black pumps with silver studs.

 A light and airy outfit for our consecutive sunny weekdays last week. The bright, but not so flashy coral pink and white polka-dot blouse paired with a white skirt and neutral heels are perfect for some alone/reading time or for a visit to a hotel restaurant to enjoy some tea or brunch with girlfriends.

With the sun setting a little later than normal this summer, a formal evening doesn't have to mean wearing black or dark colors anymore. I chose to wear this patterned dress with all of it's fun ice cream/pastel colors and sparkly peep-toe heels to add some subtle, yet feminine drama to the ensemble. With all of the colors and details in the dress and shoes, I chose to pair this up with a plain over-sized white purse.

So I decided to finally enter Coquitlam Centre's STYLISTAS Contest by posting some of my outfits from last week during our city's sunniest week this summer. If you have a chance, please visit their Facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=221953977821000) and vote for my outfits :) I would really appreciate it! (

oh and don't forget to vote for me here if you haven't already! Thanks for your support.

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TBF SHOPS: Black and Gold Chain Necklace

How perfect is this necklace? 

For someone who has a larger chest, it's important to avoid long necklaces that end up hiding in my cleavage. This necklace, that is not only shorter and perfectly wraps around my neck, beautifully shows off my collar bones and has several strands that make it super chunky, leaving my neck to appear smaller than it actually is. 

I also adore that this isn't another gold chain necklace which, honestly, can make people look like Mr. T at times. The black chains intertwined add a chicness to the necklace making it perfect to add to a plain white T-shirt or a day/office dress. 

The best part (something you can always expect for all my purchases) is that this was on sale at the clearance section and hardly cost a thing. Sales like this one should be illegal. 

Not revealing the store's name,

Urban Culture Conference
I really appreciate your support!


TBF SHOPS: ZARA Horsehair Leopard Print Purse Bag

Hmm, it was the last one and it was on sale for close to 40% OFF. It's made of real leather and has a leopard print made of horsehair. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and several compartments, big enough to fit even a few diapers and wet wipes. I'd be a complete idiot to pass up buying this ZARA leopard print purse slash bag, right? AND, just look at how perfect it looks with the fox tail I bought recently. 

On a sidenote: I much prefer this type of leopard print than the realistic looking kind. This version feels more youthful, almost like an animated cartoon version while the other pattern looks like it was made for an older woman's fur coat. Another reason this bag was just meant to come home with me. 

Hoping this is the last leopard bag purchase this year,

Urban Culture Conference
I really appreciate your support!


TBF SHOPS: Gray and Caramel Fox Tail Keychain

I have this rule that I try to live by when shopping which is to wait 2 weeks before buying something which either results in the item being on sale or being sold out. Either way, I am able to avoid impulsive shopping and at least save some money (whether it's a little or the whole amount). There is also the possibility that I may forget about the item or lose interest during the 2 week period but that only proves that I didn't need the item in the first place. 

Well, now that I've been able to explain this rule, I can confidently talk about how I saw these at a store in Richmond months ago and turned my back to them (mostly because the hubby couldn't appreciate why I would want to attach a tail to my bags and discouraged me from making such a silly purchase). Months later, I saw them again for 50% at a store and knew I couldn't make the same mistake twice. My brother tried to talk me out of it this time or to at least buy one but unfortunately for him, my will was too strong. 

So here we are, one in gray and the other in a caramel color to go with mostly any color bag I've got. I want one in black and a vampy red color too but luckily for the hubby and my brother, they didn't have those in stock at the store :p

At least I didn't get a rabbit's foot - those are just gross,

Urban Culture Conference
I really appreciate your support!



Images taken from StyleScrapbook.com

I first saw this exact watch in a VIVI Japanese Magazine many many years ago and set myself on a search. It didn't become serious until I saw Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook wearing it, then I became fixated and bought it in black, pink and taupe because gold was never available. 

I made a trip to American Apparel one day and saw a silver version and was tempted to buy it as it was THE closest thing to the gold one being made of metal at least, but as soon as I turned around and saw the watch display, there she was...

I didn't know how much it cost but I couldn't turn my back on this orphan. It turns out that these are no longer being made and that only a few are being sold around the world, which makes it that much more special.

Seriously hoping the salesman wasn't BS'ing me!!!

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I really appreciate your support!


TBF SHOPS: My NEW Black and Maroon Wool Hats

All images above taken from http://carolinesmode.com/stockholmstreetstyle/

I've always wanted to wear this type of hat but my hair has either not been long enough or the layers just didn't right but I'm finally comfortable with my hair style so I purchased these two wool hats for super cheap. I found the maroon one at the clearance section for $4.99!!! What a major steal, considering wool hats sell for approximately $60 at American Apparel! I am a little obsessed with these beauties and am on the search for ones in navy blue, beige/brown/camel and gray. I know it might not be appropriate for spring and summer but it's never too early to prepare for the fall :)

Excited for my hair to get greasy,

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I really appreciate your support!


TBF SHOPS: Faux Horsehair Leopard Wristlet Purse with Metal Chain

Images from http://carolinesmode.com/stockholmstreetstyle/

Surprisingly, being the leopard print fanatic that I profess myself to be, I don't actually own a presentable leopard print purse or bag. The only one I owned prior to this purchase is this bag that I got for free at a supermarket in the Philippines (I'm laughing inside just thinking about how silly that was). I've been on the search for a nice horsehair one and found this cute little thing that can carry my cellphone, lipstick/gloss, compact and ID/cards/cash on clearance at the "Secret Store" (since I don't want anyone else to get it - selfish I know! but too bad) so you can imagine how ecstatic I was. I think I had to put my eyeballs back into their sockets when I first laid my eyes on this. I don't usually do this and may sound crazy for wanting to do so, but I think I am going to name this adorable bag, Lola. 
Maternal instincts gone wrong,

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I really appreciate your support!


Urban Culture Conference + Awards http://urbancultureconference.com/

I was recently nominated for Vancouver's BEST FASHION BLOG and am now running against some of our city's finest bloggers. As a new blogger (having only started my blog this past January 2011), I am totally honored and thrilled at this opportunity and this recognition. You can help me by voting for The Broke Fashionista on the Urban Culture Conference + Awards website. Following these simple steps will only take you a few moments, I promise!

Step 0: Visit http://urbancultureconference.com/ and scroll down
Step 1: Pick a Category and choose BLOG
Step 2: Pick a Poll and choose Fashion Blog
Step 3: Choose The Broke Fashionista  and VOTE!

Step 3's list won't appear like the image above if you haven't voted. You should have a list to choose from - we voted from this computer already so it's showing the percentages instead. Either way, it's as easy as that so vote now

Thanks in advance for all your support!

VANCOUVER STREETSTYLE: How Young Men are wearing the Spring/Summer Bright Color Trend, Robson

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Tonight is Game 6 for the Vancouver Canucks vs. Nashville Predators and I (along with the rest of this city) is hoping for a painless win without having to go into overtime. 

I thought it would be appropriate for me share my latest ("jump on the bandwagon during the playoffs") purchase of these temporary tatoos (also finally bought a T-shirt). They sell them at The Hockey Store by Surrey Central if you want to snag a set. 

I'm hoping that this wasn't a waste and that I won't need to save it for next season. I'm sure the Canucks have learned their lesson from the last game(s) and will be coming back to Vancouver as winners.

TBF LOOK OF THE DAY: Celebrating Mother's Day in a paint printed dress and Grey Oversized Coat

Over-sized or Boyfriend Gray Coat from ZARA, Dress from Forever 21, Shoes from ALDO, Rose from my darling hubby and the Little One
Pearl earrings, necklace and bracelet from The Philippines
Here's what I wore on Mother's Day. The Hubby and the Little one made sure that I had the perfect day by letting me sleep in, wake up to the awesomest hand-made Mother's Day card (more like a poster lol), taking me to church, treating me for brunch at Hidden (The Westin Hotel), going for a walk and tiny shopping spree (show you the purchase in a separate post) on Robson and lastly, a long drive home while talking about our dreams and plans for the near future. Thanks to my 2 loves for making me feel special and appreciated. <3 you both.

Happy mom,

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