TBF LOOK OF THE DAY: Outfits entered into Coquitlam Centre's STYLISTA Contest

 We don't have to color-block all the time. Sometimes, all we need is one pop of color. Today, I chose to keep all my accessories neutral (and retro with the floppy wool hat and velvet platforms) and liven up my outfit with a hot pink skirt from ZARA.

 I always find that orange tends to look too Halloween-ish when paired with black so I chose to wear my orange skirt with a leopard print to at least add a little bit of beige/taupe to the mix. When wearing pencil skirts, I like to match them up with pointy toe heels to elongate the legs and add a bit of sexiness without showing too much. When there is this much flash, I absolutely have to add a patent leather bag and black pumps with silver studs.

 A light and airy outfit for our consecutive sunny weekdays last week. The bright, but not so flashy coral pink and white polka-dot blouse paired with a white skirt and neutral heels are perfect for some alone/reading time or for a visit to a hotel restaurant to enjoy some tea or brunch with girlfriends.

With the sun setting a little later than normal this summer, a formal evening doesn't have to mean wearing black or dark colors anymore. I chose to wear this patterned dress with all of it's fun ice cream/pastel colors and sparkly peep-toe heels to add some subtle, yet feminine drama to the ensemble. With all of the colors and details in the dress and shoes, I chose to pair this up with a plain over-sized white purse.

So I decided to finally enter Coquitlam Centre's STYLISTAS Contest by posting some of my outfits from last week during our city's sunniest week this summer. If you have a chance, please visit their Facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=221953977821000) and vote for my outfits :) I would really appreciate it! (

oh and don't forget to vote for me here if you haven't already! Thanks for your support.

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