TBF SHOPS: Black and Gold Chain Necklace

How perfect is this necklace? 

For someone who has a larger chest, it's important to avoid long necklaces that end up hiding in my cleavage. This necklace, that is not only shorter and perfectly wraps around my neck, beautifully shows off my collar bones and has several strands that make it super chunky, leaving my neck to appear smaller than it actually is. 

I also adore that this isn't another gold chain necklace which, honestly, can make people look like Mr. T at times. The black chains intertwined add a chicness to the necklace making it perfect to add to a plain white T-shirt or a day/office dress. 

The best part (something you can always expect for all my purchases) is that this was on sale at the clearance section and hardly cost a thing. Sales like this one should be illegal. 

Not revealing the store's name,

Urban Culture Conference
I really appreciate your support!

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