TBF SHOPS: Gray and Caramel Fox Tail Keychain

I have this rule that I try to live by when shopping which is to wait 2 weeks before buying something which either results in the item being on sale or being sold out. Either way, I am able to avoid impulsive shopping and at least save some money (whether it's a little or the whole amount). There is also the possibility that I may forget about the item or lose interest during the 2 week period but that only proves that I didn't need the item in the first place. 

Well, now that I've been able to explain this rule, I can confidently talk about how I saw these at a store in Richmond months ago and turned my back to them (mostly because the hubby couldn't appreciate why I would want to attach a tail to my bags and discouraged me from making such a silly purchase). Months later, I saw them again for 50% at a store and knew I couldn't make the same mistake twice. My brother tried to talk me out of it this time or to at least buy one but unfortunately for him, my will was too strong. 

So here we are, one in gray and the other in a caramel color to go with mostly any color bag I've got. I want one in black and a vampy red color too but luckily for the hubby and my brother, they didn't have those in stock at the store :p

At least I didn't get a rabbit's foot - those are just gross,

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