LOOK OF THE DAY: Date Day Outfit - Camel Trench Cargo Coat with Acid Wash Jeans and Camel Boots

Jacket from The Gap, Jeans from Urban Outfitters, Boots from ZARA, Bag from Joe Fresh

The Hubby and I decided we needed a "Date Day" (yes, an entire day was in order) to just relax, talk and hang out sans the Little One. Don't get us wrong, we love spending time with and taking out toddler everywhere but every parent (even awesome ones like us) need a break once and a while.

We didn't have a formal agenda (which we usually do when we go out with the Little One to avoid restlessness and what seems like endless crying in and outside of the car) but lunch was most certainly needed ASAP. I was craving sashimi so we agreed to Tweet and Facebook Update our way to a recommendation. Regrettably, our hunger got the best of us and we ended up eating at the first place we saw on Main Street. The prices were reasonable but soon after we found that there was a reason for why it was so "affordable". The sashimi was thin (more like anorexic) and tasted "fishy" funnily enough, in other words, we're never going back.

We followed our less than satisfying Japanese food lunch with some frappuccinos at JJBean on Main. I had never been prior to this visit and expected to see more "hipsters" or "Main Street Fashoion" but was quickly disappointed - must have been a slow weekday. Thankfully, the frapps didn't disappoint and may have been the strongest caffeinated drink I've ever had as I actually felt it hit me mid-way during our stay.

After our coffee date, we headed over to movie theater on Arbutus and watched the only show they were playing, HANNA. I quite enjoyed the tamed Kill-Bill-like movie but what really made me smile was the fact that I realized this was the same theater I watched my first movie in (that I can remember anyway). I was probably only 2 or 3 years old according to my dad but my memory is just impeccable like that. I still remembered the structure of the room as soon as I walked in, though the curtains were red velvet a little less than 30 years ago. Anyway, that memory was always so vivid to me all my life, so to see the real thing again was just such an incredible feeling.

A couple of hours later, we drove over to Yaletown Brewery and watched the Canucks own the Hawks during Game 7.  The loud cheering, waving of flags and cars honking in all of Vancouver was the perfect way to end our Date Day.

Cheers to more date days, nights - whatever we can get,


TBF SHOPS: Can't Wait for the End of Season Sale at ZARA

Wishlist: Leopard Maxi Skirt, Black Leather Skirt, Bright Colored ANYTHING, Blue suede pointy flats and SO MUCH MORE.

I have a lot of love for ZARA but the prices for some of the things I am longing for this spring / summer are absolutely out of my budget. Other than the leopard maxi skirt, I can certainly wait to save some money and will continue my tradition of waiting until the END OF SEASON SALE later this year. Like I've said many times before, I am not a huge fan of paying full price for mainstream clothing and looking like everyone else during the season. Anyway, the sale is going to be epic and I for one, cannot wait to buy a bunch of colorful pieces to add to my closet.

(I don't actually have money to shop so) Color me bad,


TBF LOOK OF THE DAY: Denim Dress with Mustard Yellow Cardigan

Cardigan from ZARA, Denim Dress and Belt from Forever 21, Shoes from A Secret Store, Hat from Joe Fresh


TBF LOOK OF THE DAY: Off-White Sweater with Army Green Canvas & Black Wedge Boots

Sweater and bag from Joe Fresh, Jeans from Forever 21, Sunnies from Aldo, Bracelets from H&M, Watch from Casio, Shoes from A Secret Store

My regular readers are all probably aware by now that I only shop at a few stores for my more recent wardrobes: ALDO, ZARA, H&M, Joe Fresh and Forever 21. I do shop at other stores but I guess it's not as often. In any case, there are some places I shop at where I discover amazing finds, like these wedges. TDF, no? They're an interesting "step up" from the regularly worn Converse Chuck Taylors - and not to mention a great mix of colors as I've seen black canvas with white wedge soles - YIKES! 

Anyway, I love these and have decided that there are just some deals that I am not willing to share (I am quite selfish like that :p) so I am going to simply state that these "items" are from "A Secret Store". Cool? I knew you'd be cool with it.

Wishing I was American so I could wear shoes around the house and in bed,


TBF LOOK OF THE DAY: Black Fur Jacket, Sheer Green Blouse, Light Denim Jeans and Peep Toe Wedges

Fur Jacket from Mango, Sheer Blouse from H&M, Jeans from Dish, Bag from Joe Fresh, Peep-toe wedge boots from Aldo



Guest Blogging for MTV FORA!!!

I’ve had to hold back on this announcement for a few days but now that the article is up on their site, I can finally let you all in on the great news! Starting this month, I’ll be doing bi-weekly posts as a guest blogger on the MTV FORA site – craziness! 

Above is the first image I put together for this segment and I am planning to stick with the theme of “BROKE” vs. “RICH” considering how much pride I take in being a “smart” shopper. Read the entire article here http://fora.mtv.ca/tag/the-broke-fashionista/

Thanks again to MTV FORA for giving me this opportunity!

Blogging and loving it,

Obakki Fall/Winter Fashion Show 2011

If you’ve been following my “career” as a personal style blogger, you’re well aware that I have only been in the Vancouver fashion “scene” for about four months now. Keeping this in mind, I am still in a little shock about how many amazing things I’ve already been able to experience within this industry.

The most recent one is the opportunity to attend the Obakki Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion show at the end of this month. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, I highly recommend you do so immediately, as this promises to be an incredible show with an audience that is equally striking as the clothes itself.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit: https://shop.obakki.com/ca/fashion-show-tickets
In the meantime, you can also visit their website to see their current and previous collections, here: http://obakki.com/

To make a personal visit to their store, they are located at 
44 Water Street in Downtown Vancouver. 

Already planning what to wear,


I've been contemplating on whether I should speak the truth about my experience with Vancouver Fashion Week or if I should bite my tongue and avoid burning bridges as I am not ready to retire from Vancouver's Fashion scene. I decided that a middle ground can be reached with this because I owe my readers the inside scoop (the good, the bad and the ugly).

I guess the best way to tell my story is to start with the good: After attending the gala on opening night, I found the best part of my evening to be a conversation with a model's father who was waiting in the lobby of the hotel. Our conversation about how he's managed to maintain a close relationship with his daughter was so touching and inspiring. I knew at some level that this would be one of the few positive and uplifting experiences I'd have throughout the week. I also met another lady who I sat beside for 4 straight shows, which could have been agonizing but was actually quite pleasant. We parted ways in the end but you'll be hearing about her in a future post as she's kindly offered me a complimentary service at her workplace, which, you guessed it: I'll be blogging about.The last thing I wanted to mention was how touched I was by all the volunteers who really tried to make this a great event. Everyone looked young and wide eyed and while I appreciate their hard work, I hope they learn sooner than later that their efforts are worth more than a mere "thank you, see you next year." In terms of the designers and clothing, I can't say too much as I have been reading VOGUE and watching Fashion File since I was in elementary school. In other words, my standards are very high so any ill-fitting ensembles and awkward walks down the runway were big turn offs for me. The only pieces that truly impressed me were those that I photographed above.
The bad: In the beginning, I was told that there was no "hierarchy" to the organization of this event and after seeing that most of the people working with VFW were volunteers, it was quite obvious that without structure and leadership, DISorganization was bound to happen. I was told to take photos of streetstyle photos which would be published in The Province but to my dismay, my time and efforts of taking photos, completing Q&A's and making promises were all a complete waste of time. For some unexplained reason, only 1 of the many photos and Q&A's were posted on The Province's LOOKBOOK. That said, I want to publicly apologize to those of you who were kind enough to have your photos taken and answer the questionnaire. I tried my best to rectify this but as volunteers are not paid to fulfill their commitments, all I received were emails telling me to "enjoy the experience and disregard the broken promises." *sigh*
The ugly:  There is absolutely no doubt in this world that I LOVE VANCOUVER but at the same time, I have to admit (and you probably will too) that Vancouver isn't exactly a fashion hub like New York, Milan, Paris or Tokyo. With that in mind, people need to understand that they should stay humble and friendly as they are mere specs of dust in the international world of fashion. During my first couple of shows, I had the chance to sit front row next to a very lovely person who unfortunately was sitting next to one of the rudest people I had ever met. After informing them that I was a new blogger and that I had been asked to do some guest blogging for MTV, this lady actually said to me: "What would MTV want with you?" Extremely shocked, I replied and said "Excuse me" and she promptly explained: "What would they want with a new blogger? I've got people working for me who have been writing for years and have written for FLARE. They should be contacted, not you." I tried to stay quick on my feet and replied "I guess they wanted a fresh perspective and maybe it's not the years of experience but the quality they were looking for." She stopped talking immediately. I wish I had some ointment for her to heal that BURN :p

After that show, I attended the next day and decided that I had had enough. I personally think Vancouver has the potential to bring a list of well-known designers and brands together as well as invest in (a.k.a. pay for) a more structured and professional group of people to be involved in such a huge production. Although it's easy to say that bloggers like myself bring negative press to VFW, if you actually attended, this event would have spoken for itself.

TBF LOOK OF THE DAY: It's officially spring when the floral print pants come out

Cargo Jacket and Pants from H&M, Sunnies and Sweatshirt from Joe Fresh, Peep-toe Booties from Forever 21, Watch from Casio


TBF LOOK OF THE DAY: Animal or Tribal Print Pants for GUESS PARTY on Robson

Jacket, Pants and Shoes from H&M, Tank from Forever 21

Lipstick from MAC in Snob

Light brown eyes from God - all natural baby! lol
Note: I am very aware of how awkward my pose is in the first shot. I also realize that my right fist is clenched but it's because I didn't want to litter and needed to hold on to a candy wrapper. 

Anyway, I really need to find something less awkward to do with my arms for my usual pose. What do you think? Would it be too poser for me to do the whole hands on hips thing? I just want to look natural and not like I'm modeling for a department store catalog. Unfortunately, when I let them naturally hang down on my sides, I still look like a body builder. Perhaps I could do the whole candid thing like what most other bloggers do. It would be great to get some feedback from who I am really doing this for, my readers! 

Oh and BTW, I posted smaller photos for this post because the larger one makes me look like I'm wearing clown pants. Just sayin...

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