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 One of my biggest pet peeves is when celebrities have horrible stylists. I'm sure by this time, actresses like Kristin Kreuk would've already starred in a ton of movies that didn't go straight to DVD if she had a half-decent stylist, presenting her in charming and stylish outfits on and off the red carpet. Unfortunately, no one has bothered to tell her so she is still making movies like Street Fighter's: The Legend of Chun-Li.
Another pet peeve of mine is when I find advertisements for celebrities who I am sure, have the millions to spend on creating a better ad. Take this for example. While flipping through my People's StyleWatch, I found Beyonce with orange eye shadow, the title of her perfume HEAT RUSH stamped on her forehead and FEEL THE RUSH on top of her cleavage. I mean, yes, we get it: heat is usually a result of fire, which is orange, which explains the orange dress but orange eye shadow? I'm surprised she's not holding an orange popsicle that's melting and dripping from the heat rush. Okay, I am turning into a meanie but what I am basically trying to say is that the consumers of her perfume or even this magazine are quite intelligent enough to put 2 and 2 together. 
I'm sure you can agree that whoever she paid to do this or even to approve this ad, should be "fired". Oy.


BROKE BUT BLESSED: Skiing is cool too you know.

I gave snowboarding another shot today but everything about me (my body and mind) just said "No." So, I traded my board in for these lovely skis and headed down the mountains the best way I knew how. I was not about to waste $100 sitting on my butt in the hard icy snow, feeling sorry for myself. (Thanks to my wonderful and patient instructor though, if you're reading this one day!)



My husband and I decided to throw a Games Night at our place to switch up the usual drab dinner parties with our friends. Here's a  picture of the make-shift board game I made (kudos must be given to my husband for his incredibly neat and creative writing). There is a missing column (which my friends pointed out should have been "Friends") but hey, it was either I finished that or dinner :p I hope they all had fun because I certainly enjoyed hosting it and watching them all do silly things like rap or reenact scenes from our favorite 80/90's shows. I'm no party mama but I do plan on having more of these :)


TBF FASHION INSPIRATION: My go-to dress to hide my large chest (no rhyme intended)

Photo from People StyleWatch

This probably isn't a common problem that women talk about - actually, it might be the opposite of what women mostly complain about but there are times when having a large chest can be quite annoying (trust me, I speak from experience - currently, I am a double D). We busty women don't all have the same ultra-petite frame as Pamela Anderson so it is really challenging to look slim when we've got twin Kilimanjaros sticking out of our chest, pulling the rest of our top away from our body - only making us look much bigger than we truly are.

I've read lots of articles on what to wear to suit my specific body type and I can personally attest to the dress type shown above on Kim Kardashian, Olivia Wilde and Katrina Bowden. This dress doesn't need to be black or sparkly, it just needs to have this neckline (avoid showing cleavage) and sleeves that go past the elbows (go any shorter and the largest part of your arm is accentuated by the opening of the sleeve). In fact, with spring/summer coming up, you can be sure to find this dress with floral or lighter patterns. Oh and did I mention that the shorter your dress is the better? If you have a large chest, chances are, your legs will look long and lean (and sometimes, they actually are because of the weight we bare on them each day), so why not shave and oil up those babies or stick some hot pantyhose or lace tights on and focus the attention on them?


TBF FASHION INSPIRATION: The Bachelor's "contestants" 2011

I'm not a big fan of The Bachelor but I have been occasionally tuning in this year because I noticed the women aka "contestants" are actually pretty attractive this season. I've often found myself saying "oh, she's pretty" and if you know me like my husband does, you'd know that the plot and level of acting take a back seat when potentially gorgeous make-up and clothing are involved in a show or a movie. 

While channel surfing, I caught a scene between Chantal and The Bachelor (I haven't watched it enough to even know the guy's name). The scene was very cliche, involving dialogue like "oh, I'm not sure I'm ready to open up... I've been hurt before" so I focused on Chantal instead. I totally admire her olive colored skin and the possibility of getting freckles in the summer (I've always wanted them since seeing that Asian people could have them as per Lucy Liu). I also love her chocolate brown hair - a color I've been longing to have since the beginning of time (trying again this summer)! I know, this is a horrible picture of Chantal but geez, I wasn't going to stand in front of the TV the entire night to capture a photo of her on my Berry. I just want her skin and hair color but I'm not THAT creepy lol. 

So here comes the "Fashion Inspiration" part... I've been style stalking bloggers and fashionistas from Europe so much, I completely forgot that women are still actually allowed to wear shimmery make-up, work-out clothes, torn jeans, racer-back tank tops and sunglasses on their head (not to mention UGGS in previous seasons). European fashion is usually so simple, structured, strict and modern, especially compared to the West Coast outdoors-y style that it leaves little room to feel cozy or the option to sit on a log in front of a camp fire (can you imagine if a pair of YSL shoes caught on fire? yikes). So after watching a bit of this show, I'm reminded that I am still in North America where it is okay to relax and wear outfits that aren't meant for front seat paparazzi photos at a fashion show once and a while

Here are some more "everyday" looks from People's Style Watch:

TBF LOOK OF THE DAY: Long Grey Skirt with Black Fur Coat

If I wasn't broke, I'd wear:

What I'm actually wearing: Fur coat from Mango, Skirt and Sunglasses from Forever21, Boots from H&M, Ring from Pier1

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TBF LOOK OF THE DAY: Leather shirts rock (camel skirts)

If I wasn't broke, I'd wear:

What I'm actually wearing: Leather shirt from H&M, Skirt from Joe Fresh, Bag and Bracelet from Forever21, Boots from Gia

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If I wasn't broke, I'd buy:

Baby blues

What I'm actually wearing: Denim top from Urban Outfitters, Khaki pants and white undershirt from Joe Fresh, Shoes from Aldo, Bag from H&M, Watch from Casio, Bracelet from Forever21

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TBF LOOK OF THE DAY: A little silk with that rock n' roll

If I wasn't broke, I'd buy:

A little rock n roll with that satin

What I'm actually wearing: Blouse from Winners, Pants from H&M, Shoes from Forever21, Rings from Ardene's

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BROKE BUT BLESSED: birthday blessings continue...

My birthday was 9 days ago but thankfully and surprisingly I am still receiving the blessings (a.k.a. gifts) that come along with this special day. Above is a present from my husband which couldn't have come along at a better time. Anyway, I'm sure it had nothing to do with him reading my posts and ramblings about needing one of these *wink*. If you're reading this again, thank you very much for the most perfect gift this 2011.

TBF LOOK OF THE DAY: Hobos can wear fur too

If I wasn't broke, I'd wear:

Hobo Fur

What I'm actually wearing: Fur coat from Forever21, Pants and toque from H&M, Bag from Joe Fresh, Shoes from Zara

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TBF LOOK OF THE DAY: Camel and gold

If I wasn't broke, I'd buy:


What I'm actually wearing: Sweater from Forever21, Pants from Joe Fresh, Shoes from H&M, Headband from store in Manila, Bag from Abro

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TBF TREND PICKS: Spring/Summer 2011

  1. black and white lace 
  2. fringe and crochet 
  3. mini dresses with cargo-like jacket 
  4. feathers
  5. beige dresses with contrasting black boots
  1. Mended fabrics (very Corpse Bride)
  2. The "beat-up" / "dirty" look
  3. White blazer
  4. Metallic pants
  5. Denim vest over leather jacket
  6. Long sleeve button up top with short denim shorts
  1. Beige leather jacket
  2. Black leather pants
  3. Trench vest jacket (with and without black leather sleeves)
  4. Acid yellow and green
  5. Metallic trench coat
  6. Studded/Spike moto jacket
  7. Moto jacket over romantic dress
  1. Grey/Metal-looking clothing
  2. Suits over floral blouses
  3. Sparkly shoes
  4. Leather shorts
  5. Leather tops
  1. Girly white lace dress
  2. Lady-like white lace dress
  3. Long maxi floral dresses
  4. Mixing floral patterns
  1. Grey sweaters with floral skirts
  2. Trench coats worn casually with cuffed jeans
  3. Colorful boots
  4. Day dresses with hard boots
  5. Sorbet colors toned down with neutrals
  1. Camel-colored leather moto vest
  2. Denim vest
  3. Cut-out shoulders 
  4. Cargo vest
  5. Vests with different materials
  6. Red leather jacket
I was only able to go through lines with designer names from A though D (and jumped into some M's) last night so there are certainly more of these personal trend picks to come in the (hopefully) near future. I haven't had a chance to look at the expert's picks so these are strictly trends that I chose. Let's see if there is any truth to them or if I know what I'm talking about in a few months. 

*** All photos were taken from Style.com - collages were made by yours truly ***

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