TBF SHOPS: Can't Wait for the End of Season Sale at ZARA

Wishlist: Leopard Maxi Skirt, Black Leather Skirt, Bright Colored ANYTHING, Blue suede pointy flats and SO MUCH MORE.

I have a lot of love for ZARA but the prices for some of the things I am longing for this spring / summer are absolutely out of my budget. Other than the leopard maxi skirt, I can certainly wait to save some money and will continue my tradition of waiting until the END OF SEASON SALE later this year. Like I've said many times before, I am not a huge fan of paying full price for mainstream clothing and looking like everyone else during the season. Anyway, the sale is going to be epic and I for one, cannot wait to buy a bunch of colorful pieces to add to my closet.

(I don't actually have money to shop so) Color me bad,


  1. Ditto to that! I am keeping an eye out on my favorite pieces from Zara as well. I need color in my life!


  2. I can definitely relate to that! ZARA has become quite expensive and I shudder every time I see a blouse with a regular retail price of $49.90 (shuddering right now!) So, End of Season sale is definitely my favorite time of the year :)



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