LOOK OF THE DAY: Date Day Outfit - Camel Trench Cargo Coat with Acid Wash Jeans and Camel Boots

Jacket from The Gap, Jeans from Urban Outfitters, Boots from ZARA, Bag from Joe Fresh

The Hubby and I decided we needed a "Date Day" (yes, an entire day was in order) to just relax, talk and hang out sans the Little One. Don't get us wrong, we love spending time with and taking out toddler everywhere but every parent (even awesome ones like us) need a break once and a while.

We didn't have a formal agenda (which we usually do when we go out with the Little One to avoid restlessness and what seems like endless crying in and outside of the car) but lunch was most certainly needed ASAP. I was craving sashimi so we agreed to Tweet and Facebook Update our way to a recommendation. Regrettably, our hunger got the best of us and we ended up eating at the first place we saw on Main Street. The prices were reasonable but soon after we found that there was a reason for why it was so "affordable". The sashimi was thin (more like anorexic) and tasted "fishy" funnily enough, in other words, we're never going back.

We followed our less than satisfying Japanese food lunch with some frappuccinos at JJBean on Main. I had never been prior to this visit and expected to see more "hipsters" or "Main Street Fashoion" but was quickly disappointed - must have been a slow weekday. Thankfully, the frapps didn't disappoint and may have been the strongest caffeinated drink I've ever had as I actually felt it hit me mid-way during our stay.

After our coffee date, we headed over to movie theater on Arbutus and watched the only show they were playing, HANNA. I quite enjoyed the tamed Kill-Bill-like movie but what really made me smile was the fact that I realized this was the same theater I watched my first movie in (that I can remember anyway). I was probably only 2 or 3 years old according to my dad but my memory is just impeccable like that. I still remembered the structure of the room as soon as I walked in, though the curtains were red velvet a little less than 30 years ago. Anyway, that memory was always so vivid to me all my life, so to see the real thing again was just such an incredible feeling.

A couple of hours later, we drove over to Yaletown Brewery and watched the Canucks own the Hawks during Game 7.  The loud cheering, waving of flags and cars honking in all of Vancouver was the perfect way to end our Date Day.

Cheers to more date days, nights - whatever we can get,

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