TBF LOOK OF THE DAY: Off-White Sweater with Army Green Canvas & Black Wedge Boots

Sweater and bag from Joe Fresh, Jeans from Forever 21, Sunnies from Aldo, Bracelets from H&M, Watch from Casio, Shoes from A Secret Store

My regular readers are all probably aware by now that I only shop at a few stores for my more recent wardrobes: ALDO, ZARA, H&M, Joe Fresh and Forever 21. I do shop at other stores but I guess it's not as often. In any case, there are some places I shop at where I discover amazing finds, like these wedges. TDF, no? They're an interesting "step up" from the regularly worn Converse Chuck Taylors - and not to mention a great mix of colors as I've seen black canvas with white wedge soles - YIKES! 

Anyway, I love these and have decided that there are just some deals that I am not willing to share (I am quite selfish like that :p) so I am going to simply state that these "items" are from "A Secret Store". Cool? I knew you'd be cool with it.

Wishing I was American so I could wear shoes around the house and in bed,


  1. cuuute wedges girl!
    wedges are my new fave ; )

    xx lue

  2. awww where did u get those wedges!! lol
    great outfit!

    Visit beautiechips


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