TBF FASHION INSPIRATION: My go-to dress to hide my large chest (no rhyme intended)

Photo from People StyleWatch

This probably isn't a common problem that women talk about - actually, it might be the opposite of what women mostly complain about but there are times when having a large chest can be quite annoying (trust me, I speak from experience - currently, I am a double D). We busty women don't all have the same ultra-petite frame as Pamela Anderson so it is really challenging to look slim when we've got twin Kilimanjaros sticking out of our chest, pulling the rest of our top away from our body - only making us look much bigger than we truly are.

I've read lots of articles on what to wear to suit my specific body type and I can personally attest to the dress type shown above on Kim Kardashian, Olivia Wilde and Katrina Bowden. This dress doesn't need to be black or sparkly, it just needs to have this neckline (avoid showing cleavage) and sleeves that go past the elbows (go any shorter and the largest part of your arm is accentuated by the opening of the sleeve). In fact, with spring/summer coming up, you can be sure to find this dress with floral or lighter patterns. Oh and did I mention that the shorter your dress is the better? If you have a large chest, chances are, your legs will look long and lean (and sometimes, they actually are because of the weight we bare on them each day), so why not shave and oil up those babies or stick some hot pantyhose or lace tights on and focus the attention on them?

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