TBF FASHION INSPIRATION: The Bachelor's "contestants" 2011

I'm not a big fan of The Bachelor but I have been occasionally tuning in this year because I noticed the women aka "contestants" are actually pretty attractive this season. I've often found myself saying "oh, she's pretty" and if you know me like my husband does, you'd know that the plot and level of acting take a back seat when potentially gorgeous make-up and clothing are involved in a show or a movie. 

While channel surfing, I caught a scene between Chantal and The Bachelor (I haven't watched it enough to even know the guy's name). The scene was very cliche, involving dialogue like "oh, I'm not sure I'm ready to open up... I've been hurt before" so I focused on Chantal instead. I totally admire her olive colored skin and the possibility of getting freckles in the summer (I've always wanted them since seeing that Asian people could have them as per Lucy Liu). I also love her chocolate brown hair - a color I've been longing to have since the beginning of time (trying again this summer)! I know, this is a horrible picture of Chantal but geez, I wasn't going to stand in front of the TV the entire night to capture a photo of her on my Berry. I just want her skin and hair color but I'm not THAT creepy lol. 

So here comes the "Fashion Inspiration" part... I've been style stalking bloggers and fashionistas from Europe so much, I completely forgot that women are still actually allowed to wear shimmery make-up, work-out clothes, torn jeans, racer-back tank tops and sunglasses on their head (not to mention UGGS in previous seasons). European fashion is usually so simple, structured, strict and modern, especially compared to the West Coast outdoors-y style that it leaves little room to feel cozy or the option to sit on a log in front of a camp fire (can you imagine if a pair of YSL shoes caught on fire? yikes). So after watching a bit of this show, I'm reminded that I am still in North America where it is okay to relax and wear outfits that aren't meant for front seat paparazzi photos at a fashion show once and a while

Here are some more "everyday" looks from People's Style Watch:

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