TBF TREND PICKS: Spring/Summer 2011

  1. black and white lace 
  2. fringe and crochet 
  3. mini dresses with cargo-like jacket 
  4. feathers
  5. beige dresses with contrasting black boots
  1. Mended fabrics (very Corpse Bride)
  2. The "beat-up" / "dirty" look
  3. White blazer
  4. Metallic pants
  5. Denim vest over leather jacket
  6. Long sleeve button up top with short denim shorts
  1. Beige leather jacket
  2. Black leather pants
  3. Trench vest jacket (with and without black leather sleeves)
  4. Acid yellow and green
  5. Metallic trench coat
  6. Studded/Spike moto jacket
  7. Moto jacket over romantic dress
  1. Grey/Metal-looking clothing
  2. Suits over floral blouses
  3. Sparkly shoes
  4. Leather shorts
  5. Leather tops
  1. Girly white lace dress
  2. Lady-like white lace dress
  3. Long maxi floral dresses
  4. Mixing floral patterns
  1. Grey sweaters with floral skirts
  2. Trench coats worn casually with cuffed jeans
  3. Colorful boots
  4. Day dresses with hard boots
  5. Sorbet colors toned down with neutrals
  1. Camel-colored leather moto vest
  2. Denim vest
  3. Cut-out shoulders 
  4. Cargo vest
  5. Vests with different materials
  6. Red leather jacket
I was only able to go through lines with designer names from A though D (and jumped into some M's) last night so there are certainly more of these personal trend picks to come in the (hopefully) near future. I haven't had a chance to look at the expert's picks so these are strictly trends that I chose. Let's see if there is any truth to them or if I know what I'm talking about in a few months. 

*** All photos were taken from Style.com - collages were made by yours truly ***

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