BROKE BUT BLESSED: birthday blessings continue...

My birthday was 9 days ago but thankfully and surprisingly I am still receiving the blessings (a.k.a. gifts) that come along with this special day. Above is a present from my husband which couldn't have come along at a better time. Anyway, I'm sure it had nothing to do with him reading my posts and ramblings about needing one of these *wink*. If you're reading this again, thank you very much for the most perfect gift this 2011.


  1. OMG talk about the perfect gift! Maybe you can teach me how to use mine!!

    PS - I was compelled to write congratulations, but thought it might sound weird?

  2. Next on the wishlist: Photoshop!

  3. congratulations isn't weird at all! it is a momentous occasion :p anyhoot, mine is on auto too so i have nothing to teach hahaha

  4. and uhmm, i have "photoshop" already lol


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