I wish they would just call me

 One of my biggest pet peeves is when celebrities have horrible stylists. I'm sure by this time, actresses like Kristin Kreuk would've already starred in a ton of movies that didn't go straight to DVD if she had a half-decent stylist, presenting her in charming and stylish outfits on and off the red carpet. Unfortunately, no one has bothered to tell her so she is still making movies like Street Fighter's: The Legend of Chun-Li.
Another pet peeve of mine is when I find advertisements for celebrities who I am sure, have the millions to spend on creating a better ad. Take this for example. While flipping through my People's StyleWatch, I found Beyonce with orange eye shadow, the title of her perfume HEAT RUSH stamped on her forehead and FEEL THE RUSH on top of her cleavage. I mean, yes, we get it: heat is usually a result of fire, which is orange, which explains the orange dress but orange eye shadow? I'm surprised she's not holding an orange popsicle that's melting and dripping from the heat rush. Okay, I am turning into a meanie but what I am basically trying to say is that the consumers of her perfume or even this magazine are quite intelligent enough to put 2 and 2 together. 
I'm sure you can agree that whoever she paid to do this or even to approve this ad, should be "fired". Oy.

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