Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) April 12 - 17, 2011

I met with Vancouver Fashion Week's (VFW) producer, Jamal Abdourahman earlier today at the new VFW office in Downtown today to discuss my involvement as a guest blogger for the VFW BLOG 2011, as well as being a contributor for their photographs in The Province's VFW LOOKBOOK and lastly, as a photographer and casual reporter for the actual shows during fashion week.

I am super excited about this opportunity and am already starting to plan my outfits (this is one event where I can't afford to decide what to wear last minute!). Tickets are already on sale for the VFW so if you're a local fashionista, hopefully you'll have already purchased yours or are about to, as this is one affair not to be missed!

More info can be found through the following sites:

VFW's Official Website: http://www.vanfashionweek.com/
Ticket Sale through ClubZone > http://www.clubzone.com/events/344482/vancouver/empire-landmark-hotel/vancouver-fashion-week-established-local-designers
VFW BLOG > http://vanfashionweek.com/blog/
The Province LOOKBOOK > http://communities.canada.com/theprovince/blogs/lookbook/default.aspx
Facebook Page > http://www.facebook.com/vanfashionweek


  1. Congratulations! This will be my first year volunteering as a Makeup Artist at VFW. I'm really excited to be part of the event too!

  2. You should understand... that having anything to do with VFW is a one-way ticket to losing any respect from actual industry professionals.

    VFW is a farce and laughable at best. Ask any (and I mean ANY) person over 25 who has ever worked at, for or with VFW what they think of VFW?

    Your photos are well shot and your blog is coming along well... you are about to discover the lower bowels of the 'fashion world' and I use the term 'fashion' here very lightly.

    Believe me... you are in for a rude awakening.

    Even worse, if you do work with them and continue to do so, you will have joined the ranks of the lowest rung on the ladder.

    Skip it... do yourself a favour and align yourself with people, organizations and events that actually have some degree of respect from the industry.

    Please heed this message.

  3. Hey Rebecca!

    Thanks for the comment! I saw your website btw and it looks so PRO! i especially love the landing page with the make-up cartoon at the beginning. keep it up and hope to see you at VFW! :)


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