The Broke Fashionista's Shoe Collection

I’m not really sure what it is that leads women to buy an endless amount of shoes but whatever the disease is called, I’m pretty certain that I have it

In my twenty-something years of being on this earth, I’ve purchased, given away, worn out and kept (without exaggeration) hundreds of shoes but at this current moment, I am the proud (yet at the same time, slightly embarrassed) owner of over 250 pairs of shoes. For my readers who own less than a hundred pairs and think I am need of an intervention, I’m sorry to say, I can’t even explain how it got so out of hand. 

What I can explain is how I keep them all in one space without having to store pairs in my kitchen cupboards. I’ve managed to keep all of them in one closet, either stuffed into one of those IKEA shoe storage organizers that hang in a closet or in clear plastic boxes (probably the better choice as they keep the shoes dust free and intact). 

I should also explain a few of the Rules I Live by when Buying Shoes (or any type of accessory or clothing for that matter): 
1)   If the shoe fits, buy it... IN EVERY COLOR, PATTERN and MATERIAL: If it elongates your legs, allows you to walk long distances without resulting in calluses or sore feet or “fits your budget” ever so perfectly, BUY IT IN AT LEAST THE BASIC COLORS/PATTERNS/MATERIAL (including: black, gray, beige, brown, red, blue, leopard, snakeskin, suede, leather etc.). This especially applies to boots due to my “above average” calves.

2)   Shop at the end of the season and wear items 2 seasons later: I usually wait until the end of fashion week to see what’s in store for the next season. Once I choose what trends or classics I’d like to incorporate into my wardrobe, I head to the back of the stores to sift through the SALE/CLEARANCE section to find shoes from last season that match the choices I’ve made. For example, I’ll purchase winter boots that are on sale at the beginning of spring/summer and bring them back out as soon as fall/winter returns.

3)      Buy SALE or CLEARANCE: Most shoes are NOT worth buying at regular prices, especially those that are following a trend. As per rule #2, shoes WILL eventually lose its appropriateness for a specific season so the shoes you are lusting for will most likely go on sale. Buying shoes at regular price or as soon as they hit the shelves will also inevitably lead you to look like someone’s twin as consumers only have so many stores to choose from. I’m not guaranteeing that you won’t have shoe doppelgangers, but if you do end up owning the same pair, at least you didn’t pay full price for it.

4)     Stock up on the classics: Trends will come and go, but classics are here to stay. Just like relationships, you’ve got the trendy shoes that are like acquaintances: you go out a few times but there’s no real commitment involved. You may or may not see them again but either way works. You then have the favorite shoes that are like your BFF’s: they can go with you anywhere, anytime and you’d probably die if you ever lost them. Lastly, you’ve got the shoes that are like bad dates: they look good upon first glance but after a short while, you’re ready to call it a night and never see them again. 

So you’re probably wondering ‘what’s with this sudden talk about shoes?’ Well, I thought it would be nice to share my collection of shoes with my readers through a new segment called “TBF Shoes of the Day”. I hope you enjoy each post and are inspired to shop, down-size or be more daring with your footwear. 

So I guess the question is: can this disease be treated? Sure it can. All you need to do is cut off our feet.  

Wishing I was Imelda Marcos,


  1. I LOVE SHOES TOO! I totally have a problem with rule #1. But you have it as a rule so it MUST be ok :)

    Style of a Tootsy Pop

  2. haha thanks Carrie! you should know though, that I am broke so my rules should be taken with a grain of salt!!!


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