VANCOUVER STREETSTYLE: Friends stay true to their style, Granville

You have either noticed this or you are guilty of this fashion crime: dressing like your friend(s) while being out with them. Now, while we all appreciate sharing the same love for fashion trends or classics, it doesn't necessarily mean that we need to wear the same items at the same time. I've seen friends wear almost the exact same thing (example: black boots, leather bomber jackets, army green jackets, scarves and so much more!) which is so disappointing considering how many options there are to choose from.
The friends photographed above have the right idea and set a great example of what it's like to stick to their own styles: hair down vs. hair up, cozy vs. sporty, slip-on shoes vs. tie-up high tops. Even their bags fall on opposite sides. What's the one thing they have in common? The direction they're taking to their next shopping destination.

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