wow. it's hard to come up with a witty title

This is my second entry and while trying to think of a title, I'm already having a mental block. I probably owe it to having a zillion things I’d like to write about. I used to snicker at some of the titles I saw while surfing LOOKBOOK or blogs in general but after 5 minutes of typing, deleting, typing and deleting again, I realize it’s hard to choose a few words to sum up a whole day or even to describe an outfit without sounding like I need therapy. For that reason, I: a) give props to bloggers and LOOKBOOK/Chictopia users who, despite sounding overly poetic and cheesy at times, come up with titles that are actually appropriate or enticing and b) have come to a decision that honesty and straightforwardness are the way to go.

So why don’t I start with the fact that I watched Black Swan for the second time today. If you’ve seen it and loved it like I did, you most certainly know exactly why I, being broke as a joke, paid to see this movie again. There is just something different about this movie that sets it apart from most films I’ve seen, usually with plots that are predominantly the same and endings that are unfortunately and disappointingly predictable, to say the least. Natalie Portman’s acting doesn’t usually do anything for me – it’s mostly her beauty and charisma that draws me to watch her movies, but her performance in Black Swan had me completely spellbound. Not to mention, this movie has also left me wanting to get some streaks in my hair and go clubbing. Anyway, I won’t bore you any further with my thoughts on each wonderfully put together scene as I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t seen this yet, so I’ll leave you with a photo of a real black and white swan (FACT: I didn’t even know black swans existed).

Here comes the fun part. Pictures of my very first outfit! Relax. It’s not going to be an exciting one. I had a family lunch to go to (father in-law's birthday) and as far as my family is concerned, I am broke as a joke, so when we get together, I don’t exactly dress to impress. In fact, I dress down a little and try to look slightly hobo to get some sympathy or even a free meal (that’s a joke btw, if you’re family and reading this).

Aldo black pumps, Forever21 sweater/jeans/backpack/black leather jacket, Joe Fresh sunnies
Dont Mess with this Mom
Here are the key pieces to get this look
I'll end this off with some photos of a few DIY projects my husband and I completed over the weekend.

Painted my fireplace tiles white (originally a peach marble-esque tile. yes, it was as bad as it sounds)
Installed some racks to hang a few necessities in the kitchen and increase counter space (not much but any is good)

Absolutely obsessed with plants that can live and thrive in water alone. The thought of re-potting scares me. And who can't appreciate the sci-fi-ishness of being able to see the roots?
I hate that my wall looks beige here. IT'S NOT. IT'S GRAY AND COOL and sets the perfect background to host these black and white photographs. These frames used to showcase my brother's personal photographs of Vancouver scenery but it was time for a change.
I wish I could have this poster hung up in every corner of our house. The simplicity of its design and strong, yet peaceful message is what every person needs once, twice or three times a day at least. The bright and cheery yellow color also brings some "sunshine" into my windowless kitchen :)
So I guess that’s that. It’s nearly 12:30am and while I normally try to get my daily To-Do List done at this time (while the boys are asleep), I am too pooped to go on. I recently also bought a candle that’s left me feeling a little lethargic – which means, YAY, it’s working!

Until my next attempt,

PS - I am the queen of "PS's" so don't be surprised if I've got one for every post. Anyway, I realized that I have made no mention of the little prince that rules my heart (and pulls my hair, all at the same time). Here's a photo of him trying to find parking at the Granville Island market as well as his cool way of showing that Velcro can indeed be hardcore.

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