Back to work (yes, even me)

The Christmas holiday and New Year’s celebrations are (sadly) over and while everyone is set to go back to work today, I am destined to stay at home and continue to remain at my own pace. Fair enough. But although I'm not currently employed and doing the whole stay-at-home-mom thing, I am still feeling the pressure to get back to "work" like everyone else.

It was quite nice having my husband take some time off work to hang out with my son and I over the holidays. He definitely spoiled me by letting me sleep in, cooking most of our meals and giving me lots of “me” time to read, de-clutter and organize closets (yes, I consider those things a treat!). Furthermore, I got caught up in completing some DIY projects over the past week, which otherwise could not be done if I were alone with the little one (unless I was able to magically clone myself). At any rate, I am without a doubt behind on lots of things, including setting up dentist appointments, organizing and paying the bills, amongst other crucial things that need to be done!

So here I am in the bedroom with my computer propped up on the bed with paper work, bills, receipts and binders scattered all over, while half listening to City Line on TV – one of my favourite shows for unemployed moms like myself. By the way, I had to lock myself in here because the little one is currently obsessed with the Thomas the Tank Engine website. He’s currently outside with grandma because any sight of the laptop being on is his cue to sit on my lap and share the screen (thanks for introducing him to this DAD). It took us about 10 minutes last night to rip him away from the laptop AFTER turning it off and placing it up on a top shelf.
Anyway, I guess I’m not at the point where my entries are only a few sentences long and flooded with amazing photos. So before I rant on, let me abruptly end this with some photos (what you really came here for, I’m sure).

My last order of 2010 from Forever21 arrived today. These are one of the things I purchased. Not a shoe style for all, but I think that's why I appreciate them.

My little bookshelf for cookbooks and interior design books slash "greenhouse"

I love color green. As I told my husband yesterday, unless pollution becomes a trend, green will always be in style.

Not much of a collection but it gets me by. I'm a big fan of hitting the sale bins at Chapters (and stealing some of my moms old cookbooks)

With my PVR gone, I am starting to have to rely on books as my design references instead of old recorded episodes of Colin and Justin's Home Heist, Home To Stay or Pure Design
As I mentioned, I have a load of work that needs to be done so I must bid you adieu.

Overwhelmed and itching to procrastinate,

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