First task of 2011: CHECK!

I hate making excuses (and more importantly, starting this blog of mine with one) but considering it is 1:13am, you'll have to excuse my (hopefully not so) poor attempt at keeping you entertained or at least chuckling with my first blog entry. 

Once I finished disinfecting the drawer under the oven and finally feeling it was clean enough to stash pots and pans inside (after only a year and a half after moving in), as well as moving the microwave back in its rightful place and emptying out shelves in the dining room to fill them with cookbooks (all only an hour or so ago), I decided to reunite with my laptop. This past week has been jam-packed with holiday festivities and family time, so I wasn’t tempted to do my usual blog visits and online shopping (THANK GOD, but more about that later). Surprisingly, after only a few visits to my favourite bloggers, I have at long last, decided to create my very own.

Maybe it’s because I’m beginning to grow tired of seeing their faces (I am somewhat despicable that way)? Or perhaps, I am becoming more excited about showcasing my individual style and writing about my own personal thoughts and experiences. Whatever “it” is, it’s pushed me and given me the determination to start this. Then again, maybe it’s because of my husband, who told me earlier today that I could totally set up a blog and be just as wonderful and fashionably-inspiring as the bloggers I read about. It always helps when he ends these kinds of pep talks with “I believe in you!”

Creating this blog is on my 2011 To-Do List, so I am ecstatic to check it off so early in the New Year. I realize that bloggers come a dime a dozen but I seriously hope by this time next year, I’ll have driven some traffic to this site, have a healthy amount of followers and for the most part, motivate others to dress for themselves, decorate their home in bright colors and love their little kiddies no matter what. Oh and above all: to teach others that sometimes, it’s okay to spend your last dollar, as long as it’s towards buying something that will make you extremely happy. 

Writing from a good place, empty wallet and all,

PS - it just doesn't feel right leaving a post without a visual stimulus so here is a photo of my lunch earlier. We ate at Romers Burger Bar on West 4th and though this burger and salad look absolutely fresh, juicy and delish, we were not thrilled with the outcome. They provided us with fantastic service but the menu was overpriced and the food was bland. Regrettably, we won't be returning!

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