Not that I even have readers yet but...

I'm trying to design the perfect banner for this blog right now. I'm also finding that there is no such thing as "perfect". Here are a few to choose from:

The one that is currently being used.

A shot of pink. Too girly?

A splash of red. Is it too Devil Wears Prada? I only used it because red is so classic and timeless.

If I had some regular readers, this is where I'd ask them to vote for which one they like the best but for now, I'm counting on the personal few friends who know about this blog to advise me on which banner I should go with.

I'm trying to keep the style of this blog simple and mature (as some of my inspirations include The Sartorialist) but I can't help to also include some shots of bright color and texture. I'm also planning to whip out my Bamboo tablet and sketch something as I've got a cute idea floating in my head right now (think: illustrations from Where The Sidewalk Ends). Oh well, there is still lots of time to find my own style and establish the BROKE FASHIONISTA "look".

Hoping for a vision overnight,

PS - I always feel like I'm not delivering to my audience when I don't include a photography in my post so here's a random photo. It's of my meal at the Boat House in Kits. I was never a big fan of fish and chips (found it to be too oily) but when in Rome, do as the Romans do (everyone else at the table had the same). Anyway, I found it to be quite delicious and for the view, the dish was certainly worth the $15.

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