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Okay, so what I have to share is not as cool as the title describes it to be. I was thinking of how I could improve this blog and realized it's time to dust off the old USB cable for my Blackberry (I've been wanting to do this for months now). I post all these photos on Twitter and Facebook so why should I deprive The Broke Fashionista's readers of this little look into my personal and everyday life through Blackberry photos? Here are some of my favorites (mostly food shots) from 2010 - present:

Our go-to Japanese fast food restuarant: TOGO's

Feeling very Kawaii here.

My "nephew", Soju. We used to be BFF's until my Little One was born.

One of my favorite dishes to cook. Super easy, super delicious!

a very "Uncle Willy-ish" lunch at the Country Buffet in Washington

Mama bear and baby bear's breakfast

I could eat this everyday (not that I do at the moment. Still breastfeeding! ugh)

The Husband I keep referring to. What a smile :)

Inspired by Caroline's Mode, I got this ring to give any outfit that Rock n Roll feel

5-minute DIY project. I since gave this to a friend. Hope she rocks it at her fashion school.

One of my favorite cartoons (shh don't tell my dad. We were never even allowed to watch the Simpsons)

A little taste of Filipino food. Kare Kare (soupy looking dish) is my absolute favorite!

Tell me you watch this. I can't stand it when people act like they're too good for trash TV.

Didn't even bother to check how much one of these little animal figurines cost at Chapter's. I'm sure it will be too much for my pockets.

The little one, bored to death, during one of our MANY MANY trip to Ikea

Never going back to Denny's. Ricky's breakfasts are the bomb.

A few purchases from Zara on Boxing Day

Always looking to expand my home library

A sandwich from my one of my favorite Italian shops on Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Instant noodles never looked so good!
I have to admit, I probably could not have exposed myself like this 10, or heck, even 5 years ago. Thankfully, there are other bloggers out there worth stalking.

Not going to sleep well,

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