The Surprise Party that replaced the Birthday Party I planned

These gnarly colors are the best part of car washes... oh and getting a squeaky clean car after too.
My favorite dish at The Eatery, the BBQ Karubi
My home-made cake - taro flavored!
A good DIY project for parents with kids who have outgrown their little Happy Meal toys
Time to go home and open presents and put the flowers in some water and crystal vase
The street we decided to take my Look of the Day shots. Gotta love West Van streets, nice and wide covered with huge beautiful trees

I haven't seen moss since I was in grade 3 it seems. This was a special moment for me :/
Talk about clean. This is the reflection from Rob's car
second to last shot of one of my favorite things in life
Last one.
I woke up this morning wanting to sleep in and stay under the covers for hours longer but the husband insisted I wake up and that we leave a couple of hours before noon. I was finally ready to go when I remembered that my powdered make-up (MAC Studio Fix and blushes) were in ruins from the husband accidentally dropping it yesterday. I asked to stop by the mall before going for lunch and the husband was quite understanding and even gave me his debit card (SCORE! as I needed a new set anyway).

Taking my sweet time and thinking of other pit stops we could make, I was in shock to find that our "family" lunch was actually a pre-planned surprise party! We arrived at The Eatery (one of my favourite Japanese food spots) and were quickly welcomed by my friends and family shouting SURPRISE! followed by the classic Happy Birthday song. Naturally, I teared up seeing all these special people in my life and turned around to hug my husband, who had planned the whole thing for weeks. I really had no idea this whole time. In fact, a few days ago, I was being very hard on him about not having anything planned. I felt forced and planned my own birthday dinner despite him saying he was going to take care of this months ago. My husband does live by the saying: Low expectations, high delivery so you can imagine how overwhelmed and touched I was by all the effort that went into putting it together (especially after not receiving too many RSVP’s for the party I planned). Anyway, I've always wanted a surprise birthday party (almost even throwing one for myself years ago - yes, I was that desperate to have the spotlight). I also haven't had a birthday with my family present in a LONG time - we're talking since I was in elementary school. Today, my husband made both of those dreams come true :) (From the bottom of my heart, thank you, if you’re reading this)

I've watched lots of shows and seen people down in the dumps about getting older but turning 29 for me hasn't been a negative experience at all. I am actually embracing this last year of being in my twenties and hopefully will welcome my 30's with open arms. This is probably because I am proud to be where I am today. The Lord continues to keep me grounded and shows me His everlasting love, grace and mercy through everyday experiences – the good and the bad. I've got a loving husband, who is also my best friend, along with my little prince, who has taught me the importance of my role on this earth as a teacher, a protector and everything else in between. I've also got friends who prove that quality is better than quantity. I have a lovely home and the whole world to conquer, one God-given skill at a time. It is indeed a Happy Birthday to me.

Feeling very sentimental right now,


  1. Ugh, shattered compacts are so heartbreaking!

    To date, this is my favourite post - especially the last paragraph! <3

  2. yes, but when it is down to the last bit, it's kind of nice when someone else breaks it and owes you a brand new one! and thank you :)


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