TBF SHOPS: WILFRED Black Leather Shorts from Aritzia

As some of you may know, I have been on the hunt for black leather shorts for quite a while now. I've searched high and low, from online stores like ASOS to classic stores like H&M and even at thrift stores (which I am not a "regular" at let's just say) but never found exactly what I was looking for.

I guess it's true though what they say about finding something when you least expect it or when you stop looking, because when I casually walked into Aritzia with a friend in hopes of finding her something, there they were - They spoke to me and said: "Hello Justine. Nice to finally see you. Look at me. I am black. I am (not real) leather. I don't have belt loops but an elastic waist instead. I am exactly what you've been looking for all these years months."

Okay, so maybe the shorts didn't really speak to me but all those points quickly added up in my head and persuaded me to make the purchase despite the price being totally out of my budget. But hey, they make me happy and whenever I clean up (more like scrape) the rice cereal from the floor or wipe the fruit puree off my face and shirt, I know I deserve something like this once and a while... yeahhhhh, that's it :p

No buyer's remorse here,

PS - They can be worn all year round so the CPW is like a dollar if I wear them at least 110 times...just sayin'.


  1. Yay leather shorts! :) And congrats on the MTV FORA feature!

  2. I tried these on too!! Sadly, we were not meant to be as they made my ass look really bootylicious, but not in a hot Beyonce way *tear*. I'd be interested to see how you style them!

    haha and I've totally had clothes speak to me. And shoes. And bags. I'm quite psychic.

  3. Thanks Han! They're not the ones I was really eye-ing but 1) I can't afford the ones I want and 2) the customs fees would've been hella expensive too cuz they're online :p Anyway, thank you so much! it was a nice surprise to wake up to this morning for sure :)

    MizzJ, better to be bootylicious than to have a tummy sticking out which is my case :( I have to wear them with spanx! (shh!) and yes, our psychic abilities do reach a whole new level when it comes to reading the minds of clothes who want to make their way to our closets, don't they? <3

  4. Own and adore these shorts, they are so flattering. Because you can dress them up and down the amount of wears you get out of them make the purchase totally worth it, trust me!


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