TBF LOOK OF THE DAY: Basic Pieces with Leopard Print Pumps

Zara Trench Coat, Gap V-neck T-shirt, Joe Fresh Black Pants, Spring Leopard Shoes
I learned a long time ago that there should really only be one statement piece when putting together your outfit. Sometimes it's okay to wear two but for the most part, flashier pieces shouldn't really have to compete with each other or you may end up like you're trying too hard. In this case I went really simple with the taupe trench, black cigarette pants and white v-neck shirt to let the leopard pumps (my chosen statement piece) really stand out. It was raining so I wasn't in the mood for taking multiple shots but don't worry, these shoes will be featured in my TBF Shoes of the Day segment.


  1. Love this look on you Justine! So classic, and you look incredible.

    P.S. I'm on this blog at least every two or three days - kudos to you for the consistent updates, makes for an addicting blog! ;)

  2. Looove the leopard flats!

  3. I was starting to think that I am too plain and minimalistic with my outfits compared to other bloggers :/ so thank you for the affirmation! Sadly I do post almost everyday, if not twice a day haha... I do have a life though I promise! All of the posts are post-dated so I only do one night's worth of work and it spreads it out for the rest of the week :)

    MizzJ, they are actually high heels! you just can't tell with this pic :[


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