Kwantlen Polytechnic University Fashion Show (VANCOUVER 2011): THE SHOW

I had the pleasure of attending Kwantlen's Polytechnic University's 2011 Fashion Show and witnessed some incredible new talent whom I hope continue their passion for creating these clothes in one way or another. 

This was a very special show for me as I had always aspired to study and one day be a fashion designer myself. Unfortunately, it wasn't feasible for me and my family back then so it always remained a dream. Naturally, after seeing the books they put together, I got all (invisible) teary-eyed and emotional while remembering all the hours I spent sketching, designing and categorizing my designs years ago. Perhaps one day I'll be able to post some of my sketches from my elementary and high school. 

The Show had some very amazing lines which showcased a few looks (some, leaving me wanting more or at least a way to buy pieces for myself) and were very marketable. I especially loved the athletic and outdoorsy wear as it was appropriate for our Vancouver weather as well as fully functional for our city's activities, including: hiking and fishing. I was also digging the kid's wear as I had never seen such eye-popping designs before. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take too many shots (as you can see above) because I was trying to enjoy the show, but luckily Ron from FILIO PHOTOGRAPHY was able to take lots of photos from the media pit. Visit his site here to view the pictures

A special thanks to Evelyn May, Kwantlen's Coordinator for Fashion and Design, for allowing me to take part in this wonderful event. 

Click here for more information on this event and the Fashion and Design program that Kwantlen has to offer.

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