TBF FASHION INSPIRATION: Hair Color for this Summer

I just came back from date night with the husband and after watching No Strings Attached and seeing Natalie Portman's streaked hair (first seen and coveted in The Black Swan), I am reminded of how I'd like to go lighter this summer in terms of hair color.

I can't believe it's been at least 4 years since I wanted to get dark green and red streaks in my hair (no, it's not as bad as it sounds). I was inspired by this girl who cut my hair once because the streaks just looked so amazing mixed in with the rest of her jet black hair, which is kind of what I've got now. The only reason I didn't go through with it was because the process was too expensive for this "Broke Fashionista" (just to give you an idea, it would've run me close to $250 for a fewer number of streaks than your usual all over color. In short: it just wasn't worth it). Anyway, that "goth" chapter of my life is now closed (along with the 6 ear piercings I got that same year) but I am still interested in getting a new look for this summer.

Keeping my history of bad hair coloring experiences in mind, I am a bit hesitant to go too drastic in case a) it doesn't turn out the way I had hoped and/or b) I can't take care of it and my hair breaks or falls out :/

Here are the 2 options I've laid out for myself:

Khloe Kardashian > Chocolate Brown
This has been my dream hair color since forever ago. I've tried a million different places and only succeeded once - only because they bleached my hair to the point where it was blonde and orange and fixed it by coloring it dark brown the next day. I'm hoping this next experience will be successful on the first attempt as I am not prepared to fry my hair and look like an Asian Gwen Stefani again (or worse, see zero changes).

PS - I know some of you are going to quickly judge that I chose Khloe as my inspiration but too bad, I like her! Despite her giant stature and annoying baby voice, I am a fan and love that she isn't another petite reality star ie. Audrina Patridge :p

Mila Kunis - Ombre
Rumi Neely > Ombre
Alexa Chung > Ombre
Rachel Bilson > Ombre
I'm sure those of you who have black hair (like me) understand what a pain it is to have to get your roots done every so often to match the rest of your colored locks.Well I for one, don't have the time or money for upkeep SO I thought why not take advantage of this trend that celebrates our "roots" (yes, I know. I am the queen of puns)! Following the ombre hair trend this summer is also an option for me but has as much downs as it does ups. While I don't have to worry about keeping my roots in check, I do worry about the black not lifting enough resulting in the ends being more of a sassy orange instead of blonde or light brown. Also, what if the transition looks like (for the lack of a better word) crap? Lastly and more importantly, what if I look silly OR just look like someone who can't afford to get my roots done?! *enter DUN DUN DUN and sound of lightening*

*A few minutes later* After writing and thinking this through, I think I have finally come to a decision! You can probably all guess which one I chose but why would I pass up the chance to hold you all in suspense? You'll have to wait a couple of months to see!

Your sneaky little bugger,

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  1. Bahaha me thinks the PS for the Khloe Kardashian was meant for moi! I'm a huge fan of the ombre look - especially with wavy hair!


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