I've have this re-occurring dream about being back in high school again. Wait, did I say dream? I meant nightmare. I've been having this dream for years now and thankfully, it comes and goes only a few times a year rather than every night - if that were the case, I think I'd need some therapy STAT. I'm not really sure what the message is or what my subconscious is tapping into but it feels like there is some unfinished business that needs to be taken care of. I'm not saying I'll be going back to school to find some hidden message or meet my destiny but maybe deep down, I have this dream when I feel like there is just too much on my current to-do list. Ugh, or maybe I just happen to see an old classmate on Facebook that sets my subconscious into motion. Whatever is causing it, I hope it stops sooner than later because I can't face another day of going into class and being clueless and almost 30.

So, speaking of my to-do list... after taking (or I should say, TRYING to take) some street shots as well as getting photos of myself done, I realized: I NEED A DSLR camera!!! So I don't know what those letters actually stand for but I do know the quality of one is 10x better than the one my current digital camera produces. It was extremely challenging to take photos this past weekend and as you can tell with my recent posts, the pictures (as my brother would say) are super "noisy" (a.k.a. grainy or just plain old bad quality/resolution). I definitely can't afford to get the latest Nikon but I think I am going to have to dig into my savings account and purchase what I can. I'm thinking beginning of February so unless we get some sunshine, I apologize for the horribly edited photos :( The sad thing is, they actually look better than the originals.

The next thing on my to-do list is to do some studying!!! Oh, I should explain, I am not referring to the curriculum in my nightmares (ex. Biology or Spanish 12 - ay caramba!!!). I am referring to the subject of Spring/Summer 2011 Collections as well as Fall/Winter 2011 (this one is obviously not a huge rush - I've only got approx 6 months to go). Now, this is something I can meditate day and night (Oh Ryerson Fashion students how I envy your lives)! I do a lot of forecasting on my own but I think I owe it to the public to do some research on what has hit the runways and inevitably the stores. I am excited to start "studying" but I am also very well aware that I will need to squeeze this into the wee hours of the night due to my days being dedicated to the little one. Ah well... the things I do for work :p

Speaking of, I've got a mommy group I need to attend in T - 8 hours so I should probably end this here.

A thousand apologies for the picture-less post,

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