TBF SHOPS: H&M, Granville Street

Green and orange look to be a couple of the colors for this coming spring/summer 2011
Heels don't seem to be getting any shorter... but that just means our legs will continue to look sky high.
I tried these on (you can't beat that price!) but my feet were too wide so I had to pass :(
These were also on my wish list as jewel tones are always in style during the holiday season, but alas, there was only 1 pair left in a size that was too big for me. unfortunately, my superpower of magically fitting into sales items didn't work this time.
I loved this color block dress and it's simplicity. This is one of those power dresses that not only gets you undivided attention but also a lot of respect (maybe because it's something the First Lady would wear?)
Looks like the tough leather pants are going to take a back seat this spring. Make sure to get something suede to update your wardrobe - whether it be these pants, a skirt or a light jacket

I loved this sweater ($59 is a little out of my budget though) because of it's metal-like make. It looks like the whole thing was made out of wire (kind of like a school fence) but the sweater was super soft and easy to wear.

Another great light top for spring. Perfect for the office or to pair up with jeans. Make sure to cover up your tummy though. Just because it's a crop top it doesn't mean we need to see your belly button :/

I saw this worn over a plain white shirt and it looked fabulous. Of course it was on a model who could make a paper bag look chic. Oh to be a 34A.
The swallow trend is back for another season. This icon was seen everywhere at H&M. I can't blame them... they're cute, peaceful and represent the freedom to fly.
I wish all my longsleeve tops had these patches. They add this extra bit of sophistication and toughness at the same time.
Leather dresses. Need I say more? Please tell me you own something leather or pleather, OTHER than a jacket?

Socks and pumps = something I'm going to wear more often this spring before it gets too hot in the summer


  1. Spot on with the suede trend and the gunmetal sweater, I love this look as well! And agreed with owning leather items other than in jacket form as per your runway post - I've been searching for a pair of leather shorts and shirt for the past two years but all I've found so far are ill-fitting, unflattering, or overpriced! :( The woes of being a starving student I suppose, haha.

  2. omg, i have been obsessed with finding a pair of leather shorts too. as for the shirt, they sold some at h&m and although it is not made with the best quality, I still bought it because I am feeling desperate at this point haha plus I saw it at Danier for $200 and I wasn't about to blow what I don't actually have lol. and omg, the gunmetal sweater - TDF (TO DIE FOR)


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