I am getting pumped for my next trip to The Philippines (whenever this may be) and yes, there are a lot of things I could get excited about, like the food, the atmosphere, seeing my relatives and just simply being submerged in my culture but being a true fashionista at heart, I am (regrettably) fixated on the current state of our country's (or at least Manila's) fashion. All I can think of is what to wear and what to pack. Naturally, I decide to flip through our nation's bible for style and all things modern, trendy and classic: PREVIEW.  

Anyway, I built myself a hefty collection during my last visit (they sell back issues there which is awesome for us "balikbayans" who can't subscribe) but of course, I wasn't lucky enough to purchase the ones sold after my departure. Luckily, they have a lot of the content posted on their website: http://www.stylebible.ph/ a must-click if you are interested in this aspect of The Philippines. The website's structure is very similar to VOGUE's style.com but different because of what's featured - either way, it's a great source for all things fashion-related. 

By the way, I made the collage above to showcase and pay some respect to PREVIEW's incredible covers in the past few years. 

A special note to those who have this preconceived notion that Filipinos back "home" are tacky, do yourself a favor, place your ignorance in your back pocket for just one minute and grab a copy of PREVIEW to see that we're not all baduy.

Feeling empowered by my Filipina (and some half Filipina) sisters,


  1. thank you for supporting us, for people living abroad you can download us on Zinio.
    Preview Team

  2. I'm happy every time a post of yours has a nod to the Philippines and yes, Preview is awesome!


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