TBF Shoes of the Day: Forever21 Leopard Open-toe Booties

Forever21 Leopard Open-toe Booties
If you are like my husband and NOT a fan of the animal print, you may want to turn away or skip this post altogether. Sometimes I feel like I buy animal prints just to spite my husband, but honestly, I actually do like wearing these prints for the instant pop of interest they add to any outfit. Unfortunately for my hubby, I have jumped on buying anything with this print and own everything from headbands, tops, scarves, bags and jackets to shoes and have even had my nails painted with a leopard print. The secret is to wear ONE article of clothing or accessory at a time. Your goal after all is to look chic and bold not like a crazed cat-hunter who wears her own catch.


  1. Those shoes + your recent pedicure = a very angry husband.

  2. haha surprisingly he liked the pedi... the shoes have yet to make a debut though so who knows! haha he did approve the look in VIVI but reality is another story!

  3. they are so beatuiful!! and they look really comfortable :)



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