TBF TREND PICKS: Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2011

More metallics without looking like an astronaut or bowler
Here to stay: cropped cable knit sweaters
I never lived through the 70's but something tells me this was and still is the shiznit (I don't know how else to explain how amazing this coat is)
Thank you for renewing our license to wear animal print again
Fun prints all over (good way to draw attention away from the curves)

Buyer beware: Not everyone can pull off the socks but if you can, DO IT.
If you're dying to show them off, you can wear socks with trousers
Looks like the shearling-lined boots are coming back. I know for a fact there are tons of boots on sale/clearance right now so shop ahead and be prepared for fall/winter
I can SO see this being remade and selling at H&M
Quirky wedges
All photos were taken from Style.com

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