SHOPPING: Le Ninja T-shirts

What I love most about Twitter is the chance to discover and connect with other bloggers and companies - whether they're related to fashion or not. But this entry isn't about Twitter. It's about one of the gems that I found, which is this fresh t-shirt company called Le Ninja.

I have nothing against products that are made in foreign countries but there is just something reassuring about the quality produced here in Canada or in the case of Le Ninja products, made in (our next door neighbor) the US of A. For now, their online store is selling wonderful t-shirts with (duh) a silhouette of a cute little ninja but soon enough they'll also be selling knits, polo shirts, woven shirts, shorts, and trousers. 

I ordered one of their special Swarovski V-neck shirts which promises to be as soft and comfy as it is luxurious (who knew you could even weave crystals into fabric?!). I can't wait to receive it! Stay tuned for an update :)

Anxiously waiting,

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