TBF SHOPS: ASOS on my mind

When asos launched one of their many promotions/contests on Facebook last week, I found myself obsessing a couple of items on their site. The only reasons I haven't actually purchased these things online are 1) I made a vow not to shop this year (HA!) 2) I'm scared of being charged a crap load for customs fees upon pick up at the post office and 3) I'm broke as a joke (surprise surprise!).

Somebody please tell me it's okay to buy these 2 items.

Black Suede Boots
BLACK Faux Leather Shorts


  1. i've been shopping with ASOS for years and there's so such custom fees. the shipping charges you pay is there when you make your purchases and i've never had any additional charges! i live in London now so shipping is free but i'm really speaking about when i lived in Montreal. plus, every so often they have shipping promotions for international delivery so keep checking! xx

  2. Hey Adrienne! Thanks for that info, I totally appreciate it! It's just that I've read a bunch of different forums on this topic and some Canadians have described the custom fees to be horrendous :( for example, the total of their items was around $300 and they ended up paying approximately $50! Anyway, I will take your word for it as I am still obsessed with purchasing these shoes! BTW, I am now following your blog! Hope to see more updates soon :)


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